Tel: 01823 490978  email: Home  |  Cider  | Stay  |  Gallery |  Contact  |  Sitemap  The apples are Phil's first love and the heart & soul of Parsons Choice Cider which is made from fruit, the majority of which is hand-picked from our orchards and local orchards in neighbouring villages - we are very keen on local provenance and can confidently say that no apple has travelled more than 10 miles!  The apples are not sprayed with chemicals and we are passionate about using traditional varieties, well known for producing excellent quality cider  - some of the best are used including: Kingston Black, Bulmers Norman, Michelin, Dabinett, Yarlington Mill, White Jersey, Somerset Redstreak and Morgan Sweet - we have also grafted our own variety - Lyng Sunset.  This blend of quality, traditional cider apples, made on a family run cider farm, ensures that the taste and quality enthuse many of our trusted clientele who regularly return for refills! We often like to experiment with single varieties and have, over the past few years produced a small limited quantity of Kingston Black, Morgan Sweet and Yarlington Mill.  By doing this you can appreciate the nature and flavours of each individual variety.  We also have a couple of very old pear trees and have made some beautiful tasting perry in recent years which has sold out in no time!  We sell our cider in gallon or half gallon containers, we also stock stone jars for that extra special gift/souvenier.  We will happily fill your empty containers if you choose to bring them. We produce our own natural Apple Cider Vinegar.  Much has been said about the health benefits of Cider Vinegar.  Unlike many commercial cider vinegars, ours is unpasteurised and therefore contains the 'mother' which is the natural sediment holding the beneficial bacteria, trace minerals and enzymes.  We have a constant supply on tap in the Kitchen of Parsonage Farm and use it for many things both culinary and medicinal.  Phil is happy to pass on his knowlege of the various apple varieties and carries out Orchard Talks and Walks which have proved popular, please call us for details. Within the Cider Farm sits our shop which is well stocked with local jams, chutneys, honey and apple juice. There is also seasonal fruit & veg which has been lovingly grown in small quantities from Phil's large garden (his other passion when not making cider!)  You will also find an extensive selection of plants, oak tubs and garden pots for sale.